May 2

So after our announcement, I knew I needed to tell you all the story about how this all came about. It isn’t a short story so I decided it would be best in a few parts. If you missed it, you can start with Part 1. Let’s continue shall we?

As I mentioned, the Lord had been working in the midst of our church body in terms of adoption. Two of my adopting mama friends came across a young boy up for adoption with celiac disease and posted info about him on Facebook. Since we are a gluten free family, a special need like celiacs feels so minor so I followed the link to learn more about him. I continued to browse through the faces on Reece’s Rainbow. It is striking when you start to put faces with the need. These children have no families and are just waiting for someone to love them. I found myself going back to Reece’s Rainbow every few days to just pray over these kids. I see now that the Lord was softening my heart toward the idea of making the hypothetical of adopting someday into a reality of adopting today.

There were so many of these children that I wanted to reach through the internet and grab them to bring home. There was a definite tug on the heart strings. But I think we have all felt that way when we have seen the commercials for World Vision and other sponsorship programs. The cute little faces and big eyes. We had been moved to sponsor kids and support programs that worked with orphans. Wasn’t that enough right now? We were doing our part. Right!?!

On June 11, 2013, I came across a boy identified only as “Lenny” which was the name given to him to protect his anonymity online. He caught my heart. I read through his little biography and instantly knew he was different. There was something special about him. This is what I saw…

Waiting Children – RR

Boy, born June 2002

Lenny RRThis guy has personality! He is 11, and has a great sense of humor (he’s a little jokester). Lenny’s special need is deafness. He attends a boarding school for deaf children during the week, and lives at the foster home on weekends. He speaks sign language, which will be great when he meets his forever family. He is very intelligent with the computer, likes cars, cartoons, and building blocks.
He has good relationships with both his foster parents. He is smart and willing to help with housework. He is described as a gentleman. When he goes grocery shopping with his foster mom he always points to the heaviest bags and says “Mom, I am Superman, I will help you carry that”. Every family needs a Superman. After all, Superman was adopted too!

I read it over and over again. I stared at his picture. Then I sent Than this text, “Do we need a Superman? He looks so sweet!” with a link to his profile. During this time we were on a road trip and used our driving time to do lots of talking about whether this was really something we could do. Could we adopt a child now? An older child? A deaf child? Yet even with all the challenges, I found myself checking everyday to see if he had been taken off the list because someone else had fallen in love with him and acted before us. There was such a wave of relief every time I saw his handsome face staring back at me from the “still waiting” page.

So how did we get from June of 2013 to March of 2014 before we pulled the trigger and began the adoption? If we knew he was our son then, why wait until now? You will have to wait until Part 3 to find out:)