May 13

So our story isn’t a short one is it? Have you already read our announcement, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Could this be the last part of the beginning of our story? Don’t you wish that I told you? Nope you have to wait until the end to find out.

Where were we? End of January. The amazing memorial service for my sweet friend (what a truly Phenomenal woman!! Watch this video to see her triumphant 3-day walk) was just weeks away on February 8th and I truly haven’t thought about Lenny for a couple months. What changed?

It all started with a dream. I had a very vivid dream of picking up our son in China. *Multiple groups of foster parents were standing in a semi-circle with kids. Our sons foster parents were there and so was he. He was young at the time and hiding behind his foster moms skirt. Flash forward, same place. This time he is a bit older and looking at us from behind her skirt. She encourages him and he starts our way, only to turn around and run back to her. Flash forward again, same place. He is older now and standing beside her. He gives her a hug and walks to us. The transfer is complete. Connor Skylstad is there and is translating which is weird. (Love you man but why are you in China with us?)

I know that the Lord speaks to us in many different ways. I have wonderful Godly friends in my life that have heard from the Lord clearly in dreams. They have very prophetic dreams so I have no doubt that the Lord gives glimpses of what is to come in dreams. However, that isn’t the way the Lord has spoken to me before. I always try to take a look at the dreams I remember and analyze them for possible meaning but purple cows running through McDonalds in a snowstorm? Hard to make sense of that;) But could this be…could the Lord have given me a vision of what is to come. Remember, I hadn’t thought of Lenny for months. Life had been too crazy. Why did he come up in my dreams now?

I shared my dream with Than but I knew that I needed confirmation that this was of the Lord. If we were supposed to move forward with something so drastic and life changing, I needed more. So I began to pray. I would pray, “Lord if this dream was from you and you want us to adopt Lenny, show me a sign. Give me confirmation and peace.” I prayed and prayed and prayed.

Then about a week later, February 6th to be exact, I got this message from my dear friend Alicia on Facebook…
“Hi! I hope this link works:
I’ve never tried to link a post that way. Anyway, I thought of you when I saw this from my agency, and I’ve been meaning to tell you that Reece’s Rainbow also has a warrior program. If you felt drawn to him but not to adopt, you can pledge to pray, share, and even help raise funds if you want.
Talk to you soon!”

1072276_10200148205648223_1513915172_oOk Lord, you caught my attention. On top of this message coming out of the blue just after my dream, we had signed up as Lenny’s warriors but it never showed up on his profile, he had come up on her adoption agency’s list, and he had a huge grant!!! This was like a whole bunch of confirmations rolled up in one. I can’t deny His hand in this. But still we prayed some more and then peace came. When you sit through the memorial of someone that went to be with Jesus too soon from our perspective, things become more clear. You realize that this life isn’t your own and that the Lord walks before you. He has a hand on my life and I needed to trust His leading, whether I was scared of not. So on February 17, it was time to send an email out to get more information and see if the Lord continued to open doors. So we followed the link from Alicia and sent in the family info form. I also thought I would go ahead and become part of the yahoo group for adoptive parents of deaf children.

We sent off the form and waited and waited. It had been a week when we finally got an email back. It was a bit of a form email that said we would need to find a local agency to do our homestudy. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to find a different agency for the whole adoption or what. So I called and left a voicemail figuring it would be easier to chat since I was pretty adoption clueless. At the same time, Than sent an email to the agency we had contacted months before. They asked a couple questions which Than answered and then went dark. I never received a call back. Was I reaching about this dream and confirmation? Maybe the Lord was closing the doors. That is what I had asked Him to do, wasn’t it? I didn’t want to strive but I didn’t want to let one roadblock by the enemy stop me either. We just want to walk in His Will, adoption or not. So we would just pray He would make it clear. So we waited and waited and waited…