January 24

After our Thantastic almond milk lattes, we had no power for breakfast. I decided a short fast would be in order so no breakfast for me. It was just easier that way since we decided to brave the elements and head out to run some errands. We had no idea how wide spread the outage would be seeing that we had no cell service or Internet service. We thought, “Hey let’s waste some of the day getting groceries, let Than work from a coffee shop and maybe see if our naturopath could see Declan.”. None of those things happened. Well we did get some groceries and stop at an over full coffee shop.

While we were out, we ate at Red Robin for lunch. I was wondering how it would go but I got the Royal Red Robin burger protein style with no cheese and sweet potato fries. It was good but i decided next time I’ll go with a different burger. While Than loves the egg on his, it isn’t really my favorite thing. Goes to show that eating out is possible without cheating even when it isn’t planning ahead.


When we got home, we knew that this power outage could last awhile and that we needed to use up perishables pretty quickly. That meant sandwiches for dinner. Lunch meat is one of those things that gets sketchy in no time. To make it more fun, Than cooked some bacon on the grill. After seeing the large fireball that came at him when he checked it, I’m not sure my pans will ever be the same. It was a very tasty addition though. I’m super appreciative for any loss of hair that may have occurred in the making of my bacon.


Praise the Lord for heat and water. The kids are camping in the boys room. All five of my babies in one room is so sweet. Friends without heat have the girls room. It is fun to get to know new friends over extended time periods. We are surviving an making the most of it.